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Hammaraxx Hammaraxx Hammaraxx

Hey,  You've got what's goin' on! And you know it. Why else would you be here, right?

You're looking for the  Hottest, Loudest, Hardest Rockin' Band , this side of the year 2000.

Well search no more, you're at the right place.

Welcome to the Website of  Hammaraxx , the band from Melbourne, Australia who prove that  Loud Aussie Hard Rock can never die. Here's a quick summary of what you'll find.

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Rock On and enjoy the website!!


The Next Show:

Hammaraxx Brand
Wednesday December 31st 1969

On Stage: 04:00 pm
Doors Open: 04:00 pm



Most Recent News Item:

Hammaraxx Brand
Show Canceled
Thursday August 24 2006
Show CanceledThe Bondy's Barn show advertised for this Friday night [August 25th] has been postponed until further notice

link: http://www.hammaraxx.com

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